Simon May

Simon May

Programme manager

Project manager

Strategic IT consultant

Simon is the founder and owner of

Simon has spent his career working in software development, application deployment, and related IT areas. Simon has worked with a number of businesses in various capacities – all in the field of developing and deploying technical solutions to business challenges.

Simon says “I am motivated by helping businesses to thrive through the targeted application of technology, and by maximising the value of their IT investment.”

Simon goes on to say “Throughout my career, I have generally worked for large suppliers, who supply professional services to large corporate clients. Over the course of the last decade, more and more of these services have become available to smaller organisations via the internet.”
“Over the last five years, I have talked with owners of small to medium-sized businesses, and I keep hearing that SMEs are NOT making use of some of the advances in technology, especially around the use of cloud (web-based) services. A large number of SMEs are still using their own IT kit; many businesses are wedded to ways of working which were great ten years ago but have now moved on.”
“All of which provided me with a good reason to create .”
can provide the type of expertise that allows small to medium-sized organisations to move at pace.