Process Bliss

This article concentrates on a new-ish online service called Process Bliss. I will talk about what Process Bliss is; what the pricing is; what value Process Bliss provides to you and your business. Finally I will talk about how Rathlin can help you in using Process Bliss – in setup, in on-going usage, in training, or in the management of the service.

What the service is

Process Bliss ( ) is an online service which allows you to create and record step-by-step business processes, for use by you and your employees. Whilst there are other similar services available online, the beauty of Process Bliss is its simplicity.

Process Bliss allows a business to ensure processes are written down, simply, and in one place, which is easily accessible – and usable – by all staff.


Before I get into the value that Process Bliss can deliver to your business, a quick word on pricing. Process Bliss uses a fairly straight forward per user, per month pricing model. Currently – September, 2019 – this is £ 8 per user, per month, with a discount for paying annually, rather than monthly.


I hope that you are already convinced of the value that solid business processes can add to your business. Assuming that you are, then what does Process Bliss give you that some other options do not.

According to Process Bliss :

  • Process Bliss puts all the information needed to complete tasks in one place
  • Process Bliss helps new employees get up-to-speed quickly
  • Process Bliss doesn’t control the user

You create ‘templates’ then any time that your staff need to follow a process – end of month accounts; on-boarding a new member of staff – your staff use the template to do the steps associated with that process, so that all steps are recorded as they go along. The whole process is fully auditable.

This has the added advantage that you (as the business owner) are able to see, and have the peace of mind, that process is being followed.

This is all just great for ISO 9001 certification.

Once in Process Bliss your recorded processes are simple to adjust or update; compare this with updating bulky documents.

How Rathlin can help

If you like the sound of Process Bliss, then you can head over to the Process Bliss website – – and get started.

If you decide that some help would be useful, then Rathlin are able to help by :

  • Hosting some initial workshops to drive out what you and your people think your core processes are
  • Set up your initial processes within Process Bliss
  • Set in place some guiding principles for capturing your key business processes within Process Bliss
  • Help you identify one (or perhaps two) power users within your business who will champion use of Process Bliss within your organisation, and who will be the first point of contact within your organisation for Process Bliss
  • Carrying out any training around the use of Process Bliss


In conclusion, this is not a service for everyone, but if you do place a real value on having well documented processes, which are easily accessible, and which means that you can have confidence that process is being followed, then Process Bliss could really help your business.